What Are The Main Mattress Characteristics For a Good Night Sleep?

Good NightPeople spend an average eight hours sleeping on a mattress, you can bet it plays a role in your back pain cause and effect. Being comfortable enough to get a good night’s sleep is one thing, but being ergonomically supported is quite another. With all the commercial marketing messages, it can be difficult to gauge a mattress’s effectiveness.

Price may influence your choice, but considering back pain cause and effect, you may want to reconsider your options. Weigh the characteristics of a mattress in terms of an investment in your back health — nay, your entire health. It’s a proven fact that a good night’s sleep results not only in less back pain. Followings are the main characteristics of a good mattress:

● Fewer Pressure Points – When there are fewer pressure points, you end up with less tossing and turning throughout the night. This gets you a better and more restful night’s sleep.

● Actively Responds to the Body’s Shape – When the material actively responds to your body’s shape, you get the most personalized sleep experience every time you climb into bed at night.

● Reduced Motion Transfer – If you sleep with a partner, you’re probably familiar with little movements throughout the night that wake you up. With Tempur Pedic, there is reduced motion transfer that greatly minimizes the chance of waking up at night as a result of movement.

● More Support than Other Mattresses – The mattress also provides more support than most other traditional mattresses and helps you to relax into sleep much easier, resulting in a great night’s sleep.

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